Recent Activities

Communiqué de presse conjoint du Commissaire Dimitris Avramopoulos, du ministre de l'Intérieur français, Christophe Castaner, et du secrétaire d'Etat auprès du ministre de l'Intérieur, Laurent Nunez, Paris 5/11/2018

6 Nov 2018

S'agissant des questions migratoires, le Ministre et le Commissaire ont réaffirmé la nécessité de poursuivre une approche européenne globale et coordonnée, juste et ferme afin de répondre aux défis migratoires actuels, en agissant tant sur le plan international par le renforcement de la coopération avec les pays d'origine et de transit des migrants en dehors de l'Union Européenne que sur le plan interne au sein de l'Union Européenne.

Speech by Commissioner Avramopoulos at the “Smart cities & Sport Summit”, Lausanne 30/10/2018

31 Oct 2018

Dating back to the beginning of the World Union of Olympic Cities, my aim was very specific: to bring cities from all over the world closer to each other, allowing for better exchange of experiences of organising Olympic Games, and creating sustainable legacies for cities, for nations and for the whole world – interpreting authentically the essence of the Olympic Games.

Message by Commissioner Avramopoulos to the High-Level Conference on Election Interference in the Digital Age: Building Resilience to Cyber-Enabled Threats, Brussels 16/10/2018

16 Oct 2018

In only a few months, the elections for the European Parliament will take place. These will shape the future of the EU in the coming years. It is imperative that we work together to support the integrity and effective conduct of these elections as well as all of those held at national and local level within the European Union.

Doorstep by Commissionner Avramopoulos at the JHA Council, Luxembourg 12/10/2018

12 Oct 2018

As you know this September the Commission has proposed, first of all, the reinforcement of the European Border and Coastguard (EBCG) in order to better manage our common European borders. The second, has to do with a more effective returns policy. Of course the very important issue is the so-called new Dublin because we will be in need in for the decades to come of a common European Asylum System.

Remarks by Commissioner Avramopoulos at the press conference on the 16th Security Union Progress Report, Brussels 10/10/2018

10 Oct 2018

First, by eliminating from the web the terrorist content which inspires people to violent extremism, glorifies atrocities or gives advice how to attack us. This is why we have proposed legislation to detect and remove terrorist content online within one hour, and to establish a clear and harmonised legal framework across the EU to prevent the misuse of the internet.


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