Closing Statement by Commissioner Avramopoulos at the European Parliament Plenary Debate on the European Agenda on Migration

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20 May 2015
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos

I thank you for your positive reactions, encouragements and support on the overall agenda and I took note your concerns.

Addressing migratory challenges means taking some bold decisions. From the very beginning of this Commission, President Juncker and myself promised to present a Strategy on Migration. We fully respected this promise.

Now the moment for decisions has come: Do we want to take our responsibilities? Do we want to face reality, the new reality around Europe?

The European Agenda on Migration is not only an emergency response; it is a strategy that will lead us forward in the next five to ten years.

This is why the Agenda outlines a broader set of initiatives in the medium term in order to manage migration better.

But we all know that any action alone will not be enough to solve the situation.

This Agenda requires political will and commitment. This Commission has both.

Solidarity shall not be only a slogan.

As many of you said: 'We need that Member States participate.  We need their support'.

The important is to make the difference and to show that we are able to address the situation all together. 

This Agenda is based on the conviction that the EU migration policy is not about opening or closing borders, because both options are unrealistic.

The European Agenda on Migration is about managing migration better, so that migration can take place in an orderly, safe and regular manner.

The Commission is already mobilising all its resources to implement these actions and will adopt next week a package of implementing measures. 

This package will include among others:

  • First, a proposal for a decision based on Article 78(3) of the Treaty establishing an emergency relocation scheme; This proposal will also give details on how relocation will work including necessary safeguards. Triggering this emergency mechanism means that more needs to be done, together, for those who are in need of protection; it's not a free ticket to another European country. It has become indispensable.
  • Second, a recommendation on the establishment of a European resettlement scheme;
  • Third, an action plan on smuggling;
  • Fourth, a guidance on fingerprinting;
  • And finally, a public consultation on the future of the Blue Card.

The Commission's European Agenda on Migration completes and deepens the commitments of the European Council and responds to your call.

Migration is a crucial issue for the future of our societies and for the future of Europe.

We need to regain people's trust by proving that Europe is able to manage migration effectively.

That means going beyond the words to put the good intentions into practice.

The European Agenda on Migration offers a comprehensive approach to address the migratory challenges. It must be seen as a package and all the measures proposed have to be implemented in parallel.

No member states can address the challenges alone.

Honourable Members,

Thank you for this fruitful debate. 

As I said earlier I count on your support more than ever knowing that the European Parliament shares our ambition to finally prevent and plan instead of only reacting to dramatic events.

I hope that you can also help me to get the support from Member States and citizens.

We need this EU agenda on migration! I am even more convinced after today's debate.

Thank you

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