Handing-over ceremony of the Foreign Ministry

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22 Jun 2012

Τελετή Παράδοσης και Παραλαβής του Υπουργείου Εξωτερικών

Highlights from the speech

D. AVRAMOPOULOS : I am assuming the responsibility of Greece’s foreign policy, in the midst of the greatest economic and social crisis that our country has faced; in these trying moments for our homeland, I am fully aware of the national importance of this mission.

We are called upon to conduct a foreign policy of national responsibility, in order not only to defend our national rights and interests, but also to promote our positions effectively, with confidence, with a plan and method, aiming at the greatest possible political, economic and cultural benefits for our country.

National unity is essential. In parallel with the economy’s recovery, Greece must stand again, reliable and strong, with its people united and striving to find just, steady and viable solutions to the unsolved questions in our region – always standing by Cyprus.

Having been dealt a blow to its international standing and unjustly insulted, Greece will emerge from this crisis stronger, will reinforce its international reputation and presence on the world stage, through specific policies and diplomatic initiatives, strategy and plan, in order to regain the role that has historically corresponded to Greece and will contribute thus to the stability, cooperation, peace, development and prosperity of its wider region and globally.

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