Ministry of Tourism

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A national perspective in tourism!

In the era of globalization, that is to say in the era of international services, tourism proves to be one of the most competitive sectors of Greek economy. In other words, tourism means new jobs, social cohesion and a living tradition in view of the sustainable development of Greece.

The party of New Democracy kept its promise and our country disposes for the first time of a separate Ministry for Tourism with a national perspective for the touristic development of Greece. Tourism is no longer considered of secondary value to the government, but as one of the keystones of development, as one of the basic tools to upgrade and update the image of Greece in the modern world.

Our goal is to prolong the touristic season for tourism all year long towards new destinations, which were not in the touristic map before.   

The three pillars of our touristic policy within the perspective of sustainability are no other than culture, environment and development, bound together in harmony.

DA managed to ‘raise’ the Ministry of Touristic development in no time and to put the keystones, in order for our country to adopt for the first time a national perspective aiming at touristic development.

View the video for the work of D. Avramopoulos in the Ministry of Tourism

View photos of D. Avramopoulos from the Ministry of Tourism

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