Mrs. Ermioni Prigou was honoured by the Ministry of National Defence

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15 Oct 2014
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos

Mrs. Ermioni Prigou from Skutara, Himare, was honoured at the Ministry of National Defence yesterday. Over the last 74 years Mrs. Prigou has been taking care of the graves of 6 Greek soldiers who were killed in the war of 1940 and were buried in the yard of her house.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of National Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos, the Deputy Minister of National Defence Ioannis Lambropoulos, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Defence and Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Tsiaras, the General Secretary of Transparency and Human Rights Georgios Sourlas, the Chief of HNDGS General Michail Kostarakos, and the Chief of HNGS Vice Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN.

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