Municipality of Athens

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D. Avramopoulos' term as the mayor of Athens marks a new era for the city. In eight years’ time, the city has literally changed face. Athens was illuminated. Athens was tidied up. Athens acquired a new identity, by appropriating its historical heritage. Public spaces were transformed by becoming greener: new parks and plazas were created.

In other words, within those eight years, Athens became a better city to live in, a more functional and humane city than it used to be, a cosmopolitan metropolis which could have a voice in matters of international interest, a community of citizens with a lively historical past and a fresh perspective towards a brighter future. 

 Despite the critical attitude against the inefficiency and the lack of consistency of politicians, which is typical of our era, DA’s term as the mayor of Athens shows beyond any doubt, that when there is vision, imagination and spirit for work, we can change our lives for the better and make a difference. The employees of the municipality of Athens were utterly moved at the farewell reception of the Mayor of Athens in 2002, for they knew in their hearts that Athens was already on its way to welcoming the Olympic Games of 2004. DA presented the candidature of Athens for the Olympics despite all odds and he managed to repatriate the Games after 108 years.

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