Statement by Commissioner Avramopoulos on Greece

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1 Jul 2015
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos

In front of the challenge of the vote, which will be decisive for our future, I address all my fellow countrymen with my hand at heart and conscious of the great responsibility for all of us. The circumstances and moments are critical.

We are called to choose with the perspective to ensure the security of our country, to ensure our national interests, and to open the paths of prosperity and progress for the people and the nation.

And this can be done only within Europe.

In a united Europe, which is not a simple ideology but a living reality; a unique achievement of peoples, a unique choice.

Despite the heavy historical past that separated them, people now coexist creatively within a framework of shared principles and values, built on humanism and democracy. In this Europe, Greece's participation is a constant, a longstanding guarantee for progress.

In recent years, there were failures and negligence. There where misunderstandings and shadows. There were many mistakes, which we are obliged to fix together. Me must learn from them and, above all, we must not to allow them to take us back to the dark years, to the times of division which were painfully experienced by the previous generations.

In these hours, Greece is under intense pressure. People are experiencing an agonizing daily reality. They are experiencing situations that test their tolerance and strength.

However, this is not the time for finger pointing or blaming. It's a time for responsibility and unity. The political leadership as a whole must put away their party flags and address the Greek people soberly and honestly.

Whatever the democratic choice of the Greek people, there is a clear need for a new national negotiation that must be accompanied by a new strategy for the reconstruction of the country, in a spirit of dynamic consensus and productive cooperation.

In such a path, Europe will certainly stand with us; support, essentially, the national effort for the restoration of our economy and the reconstruction of the state.

This is the only way to restore the confidence of our people in their political representatives.
This is the only way to restore Europe in the conscience of the Greek citizens.

This Sunday, people take the future of the country in their hands.
This decision will determine our political stability, our social cohesion, our national security.

YES, we are an integral part of European integration and the European project.
YES, we want Greece to become again a reliable and respected member of the European family.

On Sunday, with our mind and heart, we validate the historic decision taken half a century ago, to join the community of European peoples.

We reaffirm our common future.
We give hope and perspective to the younger generations.
We decide with the weight of the strict judgment of history.

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