Recent Activities

Foreign Minister Avramopoulos meets with Swedish Foreign Minister C. Bildt

27 Mar 2013

D. AVRAMOPOULOS: It is a great pleasure to welcome to Athens a good friend of Greece, above all, but my friend as well, the Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, who has extensive experience on the international diplomacy chessboard, and who has profound knowledge of the state of affairs and developments in the wider region of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Foreign Minister Avramopoulos’s meetings in Toronto

26 Feb 2013

Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos met today with representatives of major Canadian companies and executives of large Greek Canadian businesses, within the framework of his official visit to Canada.

At a dinner co-hosted by the Greek Consulate General in Toronto and Canadian banking and investment agencies, Mr. Avramopoulos had the opportunity to set out Greece’s comparative advantages in major sectors – such as transport, tourism and shipping – including its highly trained human resources, the major changes taking place in the Greek economy, and the structural reforms that are being implemented and are shaping a friendly, secure and attractive investment environment in Greece.

Foreign Minister Avramopoulos’ speech at the signing ceremony for the intergovernmental agreement in support of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

13 Feb 2013

Υπογραφή Τριμερούς Διακυβερνητικής Συμφωνίας Ελλάδας-Αλβανίας-Ιταλίας για την κατασκευή του αγωγού TAP (13/2/13)

Mr. Prime Minister,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you here today, to the Foreign Ministry, for the signing of the intergovernmental agreement in support of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

It is an honor for us to have here with us the Vice President of the Government of Albania and Energy Minister Edmond Haxhinasto, and Italian Development Minister Corrado Passera, who came to Athens to sign the agreement.

In this way, Athens, Tirana and Rome are expressing the strong political will of our government’s to carry through with the construction of this pipeline.

Greece’s dedication to the implementation of this major project is expressed by the presence here today of Greek Prime Minster Antonis Samaras, who, from the outset, put the whole endeavor under his instructions.

Statements of Foreign Minister Avramopoulos and French Foreign Minister L. Fabius following their meeting in Paris

4 Feb 2013

Συνάντηση ΥΠΕΞ Δ. Αβραμόπουλου με Γάλλο ΥΠΕΞ L. Fabius

L. FABIUS: Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure and an honor for me to receive my Greek counterpart. You are all aware of the very close ties of friendship linking the two countries. We are standing by one another. We stood by one another during the difficult times, and although the difficulties have not yet been overcome, Greece has already got through a difficult stage. France was at Greece’s side and remains so, because we believe that Greece is vital to the stability of Europe.


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